Last month, we tracked 250,000+ daily deals
worldwide This is what we provide to clients:-

   1. Search options & deal data
      - Data slice by company, market, category, time & free-form search
      (eg. Not just 'fitness' but '*Yoga* in Seattle, last 6 months,
      Groupon & LivingSocial' )
      - Sort by various columns
      - Deduplication options (some international sites require
   2. Individual deal detail
      - Sales Velocity - graph of how fast each offer sold over time (we
      track hourly)
      - Various deal detail, merchant map where possible.
   3. Instant snapshot report of your search/data slice
      - Summary statistics of your data slice
      - Site by site breakdown
      - Category breakdown
      - Price-point breakdown
   4. Trending data charts for
      - Marketshare
      - Price, Revenue & Discount Trends
   5. Merchant - Revenue Heat Map
      - Merchant revenue mapped