Nightly report of all the deals with a specific geographic region

Each report contains the following data on every deal:

  • Site, Country, Markets
  • Start Date, End Date, Title
  • Currency, Price, Value, Discount%
  • # Sold Coupons & Revenue (where possible)


Standard +

  • Categorized deals
  • Markets, normalized to cities
  • Sales Velocity per deal: how fast each deal is sold over time (graph)
  • Revenue Map: where were the highest grossing deals? (when possible)
  • Web Interface to the data

Full Access

Enhanced +

  • Access to the historical database
  • Merchant information (where available)
  • Deal URL
  • Optional: customized categorization
  • Optional: database direct delivery

Geographic Coverage

We provide various levels of geographic coverage


  • Includes 100% of Groupon & Living Social world-wide operations & acquisitions
  • Worldwide coverage. Currently 40 countries with more being added


  • North America
  • Central & South America
  • Europe
  • Asia (including Australia)
  • Middle East & Africa
Specific countries & sub-regisions on request

The Daily Deal Data Feed is used by

fund managers, industry analysts, daily deal executives, investors & journalists to provide business intelligence for reports in supporting strategic & tactical decisions


Preview web interface:


  • Monthly subscriptions from $295/month
  • Full Global Data Feed for $9,995/month


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